Our project on Winnwood Road in Addison was designed by Paul Merrill of 5G Studios and is an energy-positive, LEED Platinum-certified residence. Located on a wooded lot directly across from a land & water conservation project funded by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department & the US Department of Interior, the site was selected by the owner because of its unique and interdependent relationship with nature. The home is positioned so the front third of the property becomes a sculpted extension of the conservation project and designed to dramatically reduce the home’s environmental footprint.

On the interior, landscapes smear across white reflective plaster planes, amplifying the monochromatic interior pallet and allowing the colors of time and season to affect space. For the resident, this interdependence between atmosphere and architecture creates an ever changing interior landscape, and each space is intended to feel unique while deeply dependent on nature.

Not only was WINNWOOD featured on the 2016 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes (click here for a preview), but it was also featured in several media outlets, including Columns Magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors, Dallas Observer, D Magazine and more.

Uploaded by Robert Hopson Construction Group on 2018-10-11.